Message from the board of directors ("The Board")

In normal circumstances we highly value the opportunity to meet, listen and respond to shareholders of the Company (“Shareholders”) in person. Given the unprecedented circumstances and the measures in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we have regrettably concluded that it will not be possible to hold our AGM following the normal format without potentially endangering our Shareholders and the wider community. Accordingly, we have decided to hold the AGM as a closed meeting with the minimum quorum of Shareholders to conduct the formal business in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020. 


In order to facilitate continued shareholder engagement, we have made arrangements to allow Shareholders to view the AGM live via a webcast through which they will also be able to ask questions online as well as being able to ask questions in advance. Shareholders have the option to register with their reference number or leave this section blank.


Participation at the AGM


Shareholders can view the AGM live and ask questions during the meeting, once they have registered their attendance with their email address via Shareholders will have a reasonable opportunity to ask questions on all the items of business set out in this Notice of AGM via this live facility during the meeting (including a reasonable opportunity to ask questions of the Investment Advisor). Shareholders can view the AGM live via their desktop, laptop or mobile device. 


Shareholders are requested to restrict themselves to two questions or comments initially, and further questions will be considered if time permits. Questions and comments may be moderated to avoid repetition and to make them more concise. There may not be sufficient time available to address all the comments and questions raised during the meeting.


Shareholders may experience local technical difficulties, such as poor internet connection. In the event of technical difficulties, please send an email to for advice on optimising virtual participation in the AGM



Q&A prior to the AGM


Shareholders may also submit questions in advance of the AGM by email to by 5.00 p.m. on 9 November 2020. The Chairman of the AGM will endeavour to address the key themes raised during the meeting. Please note that individual responses will not be sent to Shareholders.


As is the case in respect of questions raised by Shareholders using the live link described above, the Company will not answer questions if (a) to do so would involve the disclosure of confidential information (b) the answer has already been given on a website in the form of an answer to a question or (c) it is undesirable or in not considered by the Board to be in the interests of the Company to do so. 


The Board regrets not being able to hold a more typical AGM this year, but we hope you appreciate the reasons behind these changes and the Board’s efforts to facilitate Shareholder engagement by means of the live facility and the ability to ask questions in advance of and during the meeting. We believe they are in the best interest of our Shareholders. That said, we recognise that these measures, together with receiving an email, letter, announcement or website update, is no substitute for being able to meet with your Board and your Investment Advisor in person. Accordingly, the Board, in consultation with the Investment Advisor, will endeavour to provide Shareholders with a further opportunity to engage with the Company at a point at which it is safe and permissible to do so. 

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Supermarket Income REIT plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange. SUPR acquires UK supermarket sites that form a key part of the future model of grocery in the United Kingdom. SUPR aims to provide long-term inflation-linked income, from institutional grade tenants and the potential for capital growth through active asset management. Atrato Capital is the Company's Investment Adviser.


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Supermarket Income REIT Plc is a proud member of the Association of Investment Companies implementing the principles and recommendations of the AIC’s Code of Corporate Governance.

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