We strive to provide environmentally sustainable supermarkets to support carbon reduction efforts, better returns for investors and lower running costs for occupiers. 


We want our properties to have a minimal impact on both the local and wider environment.

We obtain independent environmental reports and energy performance certificates (EPC)

for all potential acquisitions.

These reports may lead to further enquiries of the vendor, surveyor or legal teams and

are considered by the Investment Committee of the Investment Manager when

approving the acquisition.

EPCs are a measure of a building's energy efficiency and are graded from 'A' (highest)

to 'G' (lowest). None of the building in our portfolio have received an 'F' or 'G' rating. We

are targeting a portfolio of property with a minimum 'D' rating or above. Our tenants periodically upgrade their buildings to improve the energy efficiency of their stores through. Where possible we look for ways to partner with our tenants such as via solar PV arrays and CHP engines to help them to achieve their ambitious energy saving targets.


We have performed extensive due diligence on the opportunity to install on site decarbonised energy producing plant across our estate.

To date we have commenced District Network Operator (DNO) applications for the installation of extensive rooftop photovoltaic panels covering more than 70% of the total GIA of our estate.

We have formed a strategic sustainability partnershop with EVO Energy.

EVO will execute and manage sustainability projects across our portfolio


We have agreed commercial terms for rooftop solar installation at our Thetford property. Work is expected to start on site xxx


Through their store network and through their supply chain, our tenants are both a major user of energy and and packaging material. They acknowledge the impact that their business can have on the environment in the UK as well as internationally and have stringent policies and targets in place to minimise this impact by acting in the most sustainable manner possible. 

Carbon neutrality by 2050

Packaging fully recyclable by 2025

Sustainable sourced palm oil in UK own brand products




Carbon neutrality by 2040

Plastic packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025:

Sustainably sourced palm oil in own brand products




Carbon neutrality by 2050

Plastic packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025:

Sustainably sourced palm oil in own brand products




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Telephone: +44 20 3790 8087,  Email: ir@atratocapital.com


Supermarket Income REIT plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange. SUPR acquires UK supermarket sites that form a key part of the future model of grocery in the United Kingdom. SUPR aims to provide long-term inflation-linked income, from institutional grade tenants and the potential for capital growth through active asset management. Atrato Capital is the Company's Investment Adviser.


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Supermarket Income REIT Plc is a proud member of the Association of Investment Companies implementing the principles and recommendations of the AIC’s Code of Corporate Governance.

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