Supermarket Income REIT provides Shareholders with an attractive level of income together with the potential for capital growth by investing in supermarket real estate assets 



Our Directors are non-executive and independent of the Investment Adviser and the AIFM



Atrato Capital Limited is the Investment Adviser to Supermarket Income REIT



JTC Global AIFM Solutions Limited has been appointed by the Company to be the Group’s Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”), under which it is responsible for overall portfolio management and compliance with the Group’s investment policy, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (“AIFMD”) that apply to the Group, and undertaking risk management. The AIFM has delegated services, which include advising in relation to financing and asset management opportunities to the Investment Adviser.


SUPR recognises its responsibilities to shareholders, tenants, communities, regulators and wider stakeholders. As a business, it is committed to investing with ethical considerations at the heart of decision-making and aims to minimise the impact that properties have on the local and wider environment.

During 2021, a rigorous review of the investment approach was taken, to ensure the business’ portfolio is aligned with sustainable business practices. In developing that strategy, the aim was to formally integrate responsible investment commitments into policies and, ultimately, design goals and targets that measure progress toward more sustainable investment decisions. That progress will be evaluated through the revised reporting and governance frameworks that have been implemented, including the extended responsibility of the Audit Committee to oversee ESG risk and opportunities; and through engagement with the recently appointed individual responsible for ESG within the Investment Adviser.

SUPR’s Board will consistently be apprised of the latest developments impacting the business’ sector, as well as that of tenants. As the goals and targets that will guide strategy on investment decision-making and evaluation are confirmed, this policy will be evaluated to ensure it remains aligned with the investment policy and the expectations stakeholders.